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What are Positive Karmic Factors?

Whenever a thought arises, a karmic imprint is formed. Holding on to virtuous mental factors such as extending equanimity, compassion, loving kindness, altruistic intent towards all beings; faith in adhering to the noble truths, conscience in avoiding unwholesome modes of conducts; conscientiousness in self-examination, enthusiastic effort to displace ignorance, are thus considered to be wholesome measures in planting positive karmic factors which prevent negative karmic imprints from arising into full realisation.

The consequence that can be generated from having the right kind of association must not be over-looked. That is why Confucius considered friendship with the upright, the faithful, and the knowledgeable as beneficial, whereas, friendship with the flattering, the insinuating, and the glib-tongued as harmful. An authentic friendship can provide mutual support and nurturing of each other, whereas a superficial friendship based on a self-serving agenda can only act as a catalyst for mutual affliction.