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What are the Four Foundations of Mindfulness?

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness is a specific form of Insight Meditation consisting of 21 different constituents covering Body, Feeling, Mind, and Mental Phenomenon.

Mindfulness of Body consists of clear comprehension and attentiveness in interacting with different modes of breathing, bodily posture, bodily activity, bodily parts, bodily elements, and other modes of esoteric bodily contemplation.

Mindfulness of Feeling consists of clear discerning and recognition of the transitory quality of different states of feeling covering pleasant, unpleasant, indifferent, worldly, and supramundane.

Mindfulness of Mind consists of clear discriminative perception and recognition of every state of consciousness and emotional impressions.

Mindfulness of Mental Phenomenon consists of clear cognition of the state of conditioning and inessentiality of the five psycho-physical aggregates, their associated mental hindrances, and an insightful understanding of the nature of all things which corresponds to the Ultimate Truth of Absolute Reality.