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About the Pathgate Institute Summer Retreat

The Pathgate Institute Summer Retreat follows the tradition of the Rainy Season Retreat and covers the five periods of Teaching given by Lord Buddha over forty-nine years. The Summer Retreat will offer nine weeks of Dharma Foundation Study with Venerable Lama Dondrup Dorje.   

The Dharma Foundation Study is separated into nine levels:

Dharma Foundation Study Date
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Two Tuesday 26th June – Sunday 1st July 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Three Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 8th July 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Four Tuesday 10th - Sunday 15th July 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Five Tuesday 17th - Sunday 22nd July 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Six Tuesday 24th - Sunday 29th July 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Seven Tuesday 31st July - Sunday 5th August 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Eight Tuesday 7th - Sunday 12th August 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Nine Tuesday 14th - Sunday 19th August 2018
Dharma Foundation Study - Level Ten Tuesday 21st - Sunday 26th August 2018

All the Teachings will take place at the Pathgate Dharma Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  

The Summer Retreat is open only to students who have already received Refuge Vows and have permission from Venerable Lama Dondrup Dorje to attend. 

Students meditating
Dharma Teaching at the Pathgate Dharma Centre, England
Torma making

Taiji in the parkk
Tibetan language class
Wu style Taijiquan