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Offerings at the Golden Temple in Namdroling Monastery during pujas for the long life and good health of HH Penor Rinpoche The world's largest thangka of Guru Rinpoche, raised at Namdroling Monastery.A traditional Lama Chan performer at Namdrolling Monastery


Tibetan Year of the Iron Mouse - 2147 


Tibetan Month Tibetan Day Western Date Event
7 8th 26th August Medicine Buddha Day
7 10th 28th August Guru Rinpoche Day
7 15th 2nd September Sojong, Amitabha Buddha Day
7 25th 12th September Dakini Day
7 29th 16th September Sojong, Dharmapala Day
7 30th 17th September Shakyamuni Buddha Day


Tibetan Month Tibetan Day Western Date Event
8 8th 24th September Medicine Buddha Day
8 10th 26th September Guru Rinpoche Day, Nyi nak
8 15th 1st October Sojong, Amitabha Buddha Day
8 25th 12th October Dakini Day
8 29th 15th October Dharmapala Day
8 30th 16th October Sojong, Shakyamuni Buddha Day


Tibetan Month Tibetan Day Western Date Event
9 8th 24th October Medicine Buddha Day
9 10th 26th October Guru Rinpoche Day
9 15th 31st October Sojong, Amitabha Buddha Day
9 20th 5th November Nyi nak
9 22nd 7th November Lha Bab Duchen
9 25th 10th November Dakini Day
9 29th 14th November Sojong, Dharmapala Day
9 30th 15th November Shakyamuni Buddha Day


Sojong: Confession day for the ordained, held twice each month.
Dharmapala Day: Protector practices are emphasised.
Nyi Nak: 'Black sun', when dynamic actions are favoured, but such things as initiations, dedications, marriage, building, religious studies and activities relating to the dead including funerals are to be avoided.