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Pathgate Institute Provides Translation Broadcast At The Ngagyur Kama Transmission

Togden Rinpoche giving Oral Transmission

A record number of over 3000 Nyingma practitioners attended the Second Ngagyur Kama Transmission in Bodhgaya, India this year. Organised by The Association for the Preservation of Ngagyur Kama Tradition, this month-long event, which started on the 29th January 2010, was held at the Lhakhang (temple) of the Nyingma Dharmashala, which was built purposely by the Nyingma Monlam International Foundation to provide lodging facilities for the thousands of Nyingma pilgrims who visit the holiest of all holy places for Buddhists – the site by the Bodhi Tree where Lord Buddha Shakyamuni attained enlightenment 2550 years ago.

Yangthang Rinpoche giving Kama Empowerment

A full programme was planned for the Second Ngagyur Kama Transmission this year. In the morning, Togden Rinpoche, the reincarnation of the Indian Mahasiddha Hungchen Kara of the Drikung Kagyu Tradition was invited to give the oral transmission of Nyingma Gyudbum, comprising the entire collection of the Inner Tantras that have been passed down from the time of Kuntuzangpo, the Primordial Buddha, by means of the Kama lineage that involves oral transmission between realised master and disciples.

Yangthang Rinpoche, the incarnation of Terton Dorje Dechen Lingpa of Dhomang Monastery in Tibet and a principle lineage holder of the Nyingmapa Lineage, was invited to give the associated Kama Empowerment in the afternoon.

Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche performing the ritual of Mandala Offering to Khenchen Pema Sherab

As for the evening, Khenchen Pema Sherab, the most senior Khenpo of the Ngagyur Nyingma University at Namdroling Monastery, was invited to give pith instruction on Dharma teaching. Khenchen Pema Sherab began with a most precious discourse on four pith verses by the great Nyingma Dzogchen Master Longchen Rabjam. To honour this auspicious occasion in accordance to the traditional decorum, Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche was invited by the organising committee of The Association for the Preservation of Ngagyur Kama Tradition to perform, on behalf of the entire assembly of tulkus, khenpos, lamas, lopons and devotees from all six lineages of the Nyingma tradition, the ritual of mandala offering to Khenchen Pema Sherab before the commencing of the teaching.

Lama Dondrup Dorje Rinpoche with fellow lamas and khenpos at the Kama Transmission

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the Tibetan language, a team of students and friends of the Pathgate Institute were at hand to provide radio broadcast of simultaneous translation of the proceedings in English and Chinese to the sizable number of foreign students who had access to FM radio.

Apart from the provision and the setting up of broadcasting facilities, Pathgate Institute is a principal sponsor of the Second Ngagyur Kama Transmission, which offers not merely rare teaching and empowerment which are not commonly available in the world today, but also free food and lodging to the 3000 plus participants throughout the month long event. The sole objective of The Association for the Preservation of Ngagyur Kama Tradition is to preserve rare and precious empowerments, oral transmissions and pith instructions of the Kama and Terma teachings of the Nyingma School of Buddhism existing in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim and other parts of India. If you wish to support the preservation and propagation of Dharma, you are welcome to join us as a valued partner by making an offering of your choice. To make an offering, please click Make an Offering.