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Pathgate Dharma Centre - Athens

The new Pathgate Dharma Centre in Athens

The first phase of development of the Pathgate Dharma Centre in Athens is now complete, and is open for meditation and regular puja practice. The Pathgate Dharma Centre, a registered non-profit body, will be the base for the students of Pathgate Sangha International in Greece.

Pathgate Dharma Centre is situated right in the historical heart of the city, within walking distance of the Acropolis, and is close to a great variety of restaurants, cafes and shops in Psiri, Monastiraki and Thisio. It is also within easy reach of all forms of public transport, including the train and two metro lines, giving direct access to Athens Airport.

Being the largest full-time Dharma Centre in Athens, which provides space for over 200 students to attend teachings and practices, many students from other Tibetan traditions have already requested the use of the Centre as the venue of teachings for their Lamas when they visit Greece in the future.

The second phase of development of the Centre that is currently underway will include a new suspended ceiling with recessed, trainable lighting for the Shrine Room. There will also be a lama room, a sitting lounge, a study with conference facilities and wireless computer network for sangha members engaging in transcription and translation projects. There are also provisions for audio-visual equipment that includes a 32 inch liquid crystal display high definition TV to be used for Dharma teaching presentation, and a rooftop garden with veranda that offers a panoramic view of the city of Athens. The Pathgate Dharma Centre in Athens is situated on the 2nd floor, Menandrou 7, Plateia Theatrou, 10553, Athens, Greece (close to Monastiraki metro & train station). Tel: +306976161036, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..