Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Congratulations to sponsored students

We would like to congratulate six of the students sponsored by Pathgate Institute on their recent accomplishments. Tenzing Sersang, Sonam Tsomo, Tsering Damdul, Karma Sherab and Dawa Tsering, have all successfully completed their BA degrees. Sonam Choephel, one of the children we sponsor at the Tibetan SOS Children’s Village in India, has left school to become a monk in Sakya Monastery in Dehra Dun. Tashi Deleg from us to all of them.

We would also like to welcome seven new students to our Pathgate Sponsorship programme. All of them will receive full financial support covering their tuition fees, stationary, clothing allowance, maintenance and pocket money. The five older students, Tenzin Losel is doing a BSc in maths, electronics and computer science, Kunga Phuntsok is doing a BA in Education, Tenzin Tsephel is doing a Bachelor Degree in Commerce, Tenzin Lekden is doing a Bachelor Degree in Business Management, and Dorje Namgyal is doing a Bachelor Degree in Commerce.

Shador who is 13 years old has a strong aspiration to study and eventually qualify as a medical doctor

The youngest of these seven, Wangmo Tso 10 years old from Amdo, Eastern Tibet, and Shador, 13 years old from Chamdo, Tibet, share a similar story to that of dozens of Tibetan youngsters who are currently sponsored by the Pathgate Partnership Programme. All of these children had to leave their parents and families behind in Tibet just so they might have the opportunity of higher education in India, which is not available to them back home. Not having the right to travel freely to India, all of them without exception had to endure a lengthy arduous journey on foot across icy mountains and dangerous terrains to make their way to India. All of them are now attending school at the Tibetan SOS Children’s Village in India.