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Improved living conditions at the Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling, India's largest Tibetan Nunnery

Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling, India

We are happy to report that a number of projects started in 2004 to improve the living condition of Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling have been completed. A water tower to provide filtered drinking water has already been in operation for over a year. Other completed Pathgate projects at the Nunnery included the opening of a clinic, the completion of a three-day Memorial Monlam for Mipam Rinpoche, funding the cost of year long power supply, provision of a new refrigerator and so forth. Other projects that are currently underway include the plan to concrete part of the nunnery ground in preparation for the rainy season, the relocation of the main gate and the completion of a wing of dormitories comprisng some sixty rooms which is still awaiting the installation of windows, doors, water and power supply plus final finishing. All these will vastly improve the living conditions for the resident nuns at India’s largest Tibetan nunnery.