Gem of Wisdom for Daily Reflection: 

Daily Pujas at Namdroling Monastery to Pacify Rising COVID-19 Epidemic Crisis

Worldwide COVID-19 cases since the first of May have passed 150 millions, with 400,000 new cases recorded in India within a 24 hours period. The total death toll in India has reached over 211,000, with more than 45,000 of them in April alone, and no sign of the infection rate slowing down.

The monks and nuns of Namdroling Monastery have been performing daily pujas since the last week of April in a collective effort to swiftly pacify the Covid-19 crisis that is escalating around the world and to offer dedication prayers to all the deceased globally, especially to the increasing number of Covid victims in India. Pathgate has already forwarded funding to Namdroling Monastery to support the cost of the daily pujas, lamp offerings, and to sponsor this year's Saga Dawa Duchen.

Smoke Offering Puja Puja at the Shedra
Nuns of the Nunnery practising outside their rooms Lamp offering for the deceased

The daily pujas are: Smoke Offering Puja; Divine Blue Water Contamination - Purifying Smoke Offering; Prayer for Pacifying the Turmoil of the Mamos; Guru Yoga Practice with Vajra Guru Mantra recitation to accompany the Seven Line Prayer; and the White Parasol Practice.

By the lineage blessings of the Buddhas, Namdroling Monastery has not record a single case of COVID-19 since the locking down of the monastery in March 2020. Since January 2021, the monks and nuns who were unable to return to the monastery for almost one year have started making their journey back. The monastery has organised rooms at the Tsepal Tobkyed Medical Center and Paljor Darjeling Guest House to accommodate the returnees for quarantine. So far four separate groups totalling 830 monks and nuns have returned.

Since January, the vaccination programme administrated by the medical staffs from the Tso Jhe Khangsar Charity Hospital using Covishield - a vaccine produced by the Serum Institute of India, has been rolling out at the monastery. So far forty frontline workers, Board Members of the monastery, residents of the Old Age Home, monks and nuns aged over 45 have received their second dosage of Covishield.

Tulku Tsering Choedhar, Managing Trustee of Penor Rinpoche Charity Foundation received vaccination Chamsing Dechen, sister of HH Penor Rinpoche received vaccination

The safety of nearly 5000 monks and nuns at the monastery is of paramount importance particularly during the latest upsurge of COVID cases in India. It has been decided by the COVID PREVENTION COMMITTEE of Namdroling Monastery that the procurement of vaccine for the entire sangha has become an urgent priority and sourcing of vaccines is currently underway. The cost of vaccination for the entire ordained sangha will be sponsored by the Chief Abbot of Namdroling Monastery, Chogtrul Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche and Pathgate Institute. As for now, may we call upon all our students to maintain diligent daily practice and keep themselves safe during this unpredictable time.